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By: Rabbi Moshe Don Kestenbaum

Chesed Begins at Home

So you are expecting another article stressing the importance of giving one’s time and energy to your family before running off to help everyone else in the world. While this is certainly true, I would like to highlight a different idea when it comes to our dealings with our family. Mothers across the globe are still recovering from all their [...]

Life Without Mussar?

Life Without Mussar?
Pesach has ended and we have begun counting down – or rather up – to Kabbolas HaTorah. What is our avodah during this time? How do ready ourselves for Shavuos? The korban omer brought on the second day of Pesach was comprised of barley, which is primarily animal food. On the other hand, the shtei halechem brought on Shavuos is mad [...]

Pesach: Time To Recline

Some don’t question Some don’t ask why That’s not a level It’s just not a cry For those who care Yes they do ask Must seven precious children So tragically pass? Only then we answer Then we say Hashem is merciful We don’t understand His way He sends us hints Like cry no more For He is watching All that is in store Many lessons, many betters W [...]

What Is My Mission?

Businesses often have mission statements that depict their goals, as well as guidelines they are committed to following to get there. The question the average person should find himself asking from time to time is: What is my mission in life? I understand that the rosh yeshiva’s mission is disseminating Torah and the philanthropist’s is suppo [...]

Spiritual Misdiagnosis

A perplexed doctor is assessing disappointing medical test result.
Just a few minutes ago, I was sitting in a meeting of rabbeim. Rabbi Kalish, the menahel of our mesivta, related a phenomenal thought that I must share with you. Allow me to embellish the message with a short introduction. As a bochur learning in Eretz Yisroel, I noticed some discoloration on my skin. I went to a local doctor, who told me tha [...]


Imagine being told every day over and over again, “Don’t eat papaya; it’s dangerous to your health”. “Really, you have to know how bad papaya is for you. Don’t go near it”. After enough of these warnings, even those who previously had no interest in eating papaya are going to be very curious and tempted to try it. Before we go further, let us [...]

A-Maze-Ing Children

As of late, my morning routine begins with an early pickup just prior to 6 a.m. at the dorm of our yeshiva in Waterbury. It is truly one of the highlights of my day. It began a few weeks ago with one bochur, and by this morning, boruch Hashem, the number hit five. These boys joined two other bochurim who were already in the ye [...]

Purim – Winning the Lottery

I like to say that while one lottery ticket can be purchased with emunah, two lottery tickets can only be purchased with a shtickel kefirah. Why? For if one really believes that Hashem is the One who decides who wins, why would he need to buy a second ticket? For those who answer that you need hishtadlus, it is a stretch to say that improving [...]

Being Taken Advantage Of?‏

Many a time, we find ourselves in situations in which we feel we are being taken advantage of. Whether it is the roommate who is always shnorring food, the neighbor who is always borrowing things, or the co-worker who is constantly relying on us for rides, how do we deal with such situations? Certainly, there are times when you may need to sa [...]

The Perfect Shidduch‏

“Oy, do I have a shidduch for your daughter! The boy comes from a prominent and distinguished family. They are very well known and respected. They are also affluent. Everyone would dream of marrying into this family.”“Sounds very tempting. What about the boy himself? Is he a good boy?” “Well, of course, he is a good boy. Just [...]



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