So That The Children Will Ask?

We are all familiar with the practice of doing out-of-the-ordinary practices the night of the Seder “kedei sheyishalu hatinokos – so that the children will ask.” One practice that is found in the Gemara (Pesachim 115b) is removing the table before Mah Nishtana. Since our tables are large and not personal ones like in the […]

My Annoying Cough

The last ten days, I have kept everyone awake with my annoying cough. Finally, after some pleading from people who could no longer deal with the ruckus, I went to the doctor, who prescribed me allergy medication. I definitely appreciated all the kind words – “How you feeling? Any better?” or, “I really think you […]

Why Are We Getting Drunk? 

It is perplexing: Why do we drink on Purim? We hopefully teach our children about the dangers of alcohol, and then here we have a Yom Tov that revolves around such activity. Furthermore, Klal Yisroel sinned by drinking and partying at the seudah of Achashveirosh. Wouldn’t we want to correct this by abstaining from anything resembling such behavior?   Another perplexity is the […]

A Worthwhile Investment

We all desperately want to see nachas from our children. Few things are as gratifying as seeing our children thrive. Conversely, few things are as painful as seeing them struggle. We need to understand how critical our investment of time and energy is to their success.   Forgive me for using myself as an example. I am […]

The Erratic Weather

​I am writing this article in my shiur room in Durham, CT, with the windows open, enjoying the incredible sixty-degree weather. Tomorrow, we are expected to get quite a snowstorm. By the time you read this article, the snow should be long gone. What is Hashem teaching us with this unusually warm weather, followed by a snowstorm? […]

Chutzpah and Communication

It is important to understand that typical chutzpah when an adolescent is upset about something is simply the child’s unsophisticated way of communicating his feelings to his parents. For example, a girl upset at her mother for her perceived shortage of clothing may say in anger, “You are so mean and cheap. You never buy […]