Locked Out

I couldn’t deny the clear Hashgachah Protis. I generally don’t lock my car. Perhaps I even hope for it to get stolen so that I can collect insurance. My children say that I should leave it in a bad neighborhood with a “Please Take” sign, but I won’t go that far. This time, however, I […]

Price Gouging

It’s been two and half years since Hurricane Sandy. Many families are unfortunately still feeling its devastating consequences in different ways. During that period, when various basics were in high demand, there was much talk about the illegal practice of price gouging. At the time, our menahel, Rabbi Doniel Kalish, shared with the talmidim of […]

Life Without Mussar?

Pesach has ended and we have begun counting down – or rather up – to Kabbolas HaTorah. What is our avodah during this time? How do ready ourselves for Shavuos? The korban omer brought on the second day of Pesach was comprised of barley, which is primarily animal food. On the other hand, the shtei […]


What Is My Mission?

Businesses often have mission statements that depict their goals, as well as guidelines they are committed to following to get there. The question the average person should find himself asking from time to time is: What is my mission in life? I understand that the rosh yeshiva’s mission is disseminating Torah and the philanthropist’s is […]