Sore Losers

Sore losers. They are every counselor’s nightmare. They argue with the refs. They yell at their teammates. They sure add a lot of stress to the games in camp, which are supposed to be fun. Understandably, it is usually the best of the athletes who are the sorest losers. They put their heart into sports, […]

Out of Town Driving

Forgive me for the content of this article, because, after all, I am an out-of-towner. Living in Waterbury, Connecticut, for the last sixteen years of my life has wiped away much of my New York mindset. It has bothered me for awhile, so I have finally gathered the guts to put it into writing. When […]


On the last night of the zeman here at the mesivta in Waterbury, it has become customary for the bochurim, mainly twelfth graders, to reflect on their experiences. The event is highly inspirational and emotional, lasting the entire night. I have never written in this column about this event before, but I had to share […]